The Family Programme

About the programme:

The Family Programme works across the Cwm Taf region and offers specialist support for families experiencing domestic abuse who wish to remain together.

Adopting a whole family approach, the service will provide therapeutic interventions and programmes, focusing on safety, risk management, behavioural change, impact of domestic abuse on children, ACEs, respectful communication, attachment and emotional resilience.

The aim of the service is to enable the family to live together safely or be supported to separate amicably.

The programme requires commitment from each family member to attend individual and group sessions over a period of six months.  Both parents will be required to engage in initial stage assessments followed by children and young people. The assessments will determine if the parents are ready to engage in the programme.

Who is eligible?

Families where the couple are in an intimate relationship and there is a history of domestic abuse including:

  • Couples where the woman is pregnant and there are no other children in the family
  • Families with children from birth to 16 years of age
  • Couples not currently living in the same household, however they need to have an intention to reconcile in the near future
  • Families living in Merthyr Tydfil or Rhondda Cynon Taff areas

The programme benefits for the family:

  • The opportunity to break the cycle of abuse, improve outcomes for children and families that stay together
  • New or different options for families that want to stay together
  • Parents have information to support their decision making
  • Participants have time to reflect on the impact that their behaviours have on their own relationship and their children
  • The child’s voice is part of the assessment process
  • If the family do separate, they can be supported to do so safely and amicably

For further information, an initial discussion or referral form please contact Sarah Wilson; or ring 01685 353999 and ask to speak to a member of the SMT Family Programme.

SMT recognises the contribution, support and funding received from the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner together with Welsh Government.

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