Safer Merthyr Tydfil has provided support services for victims of domestic abuse and their families within a multi agency setting for over 10 years.

Its CREA8 support programme is specifically designed for young people and aims to compliment holistic support services within Merthyr Tydfil also contributing to the prevention of future domestic abuse incidents.

The children and young people’s support programmes are based on the Welsh Women’s Aid STAR (safety  trust  and  respect) programmes.

Young people who are exposed to domestic abuse may become emotionally distressed and experience persistently high levels of anxiety which they are unable to deal with. They may also feel angry, guilty, insecure, alone, frightened, powerless and confused, behaviours  which can impact upon their progress and could potentially hinder their development into later life.

The effects of domestic abuse on young people can include:

  • Being denied a positive role model
  • Harm to the Parent/Child bond
  • Negative core beliefs about themselves
  • Normalisation of unhealthy relationships
  • Isolation from positive support networks
  • Coping systems and behaviours may  become problematic

The CREA8 Team aim to make a positive impact on young people whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse by:

  • Increasing young people’s confidence and self esteem
  • Encouraging respect and equality
  • Assisting young people to recognise their goals and aspirations
  • Challenging stereotyping of gender roles
  • Understanding unhealthy and healthy relationships
  • Encouraging consequential thinking

Group Work

Weekly group sessions for males and females, covering the following topics:

1. What is domestic abuse

2. Healthy and unhealthy relationships—how we treat others, sexual exploitation and warning signs

3. Media influences on relationships

4. Challenging opinions on gender stereotypes—the law and statistics/research around relationships and behaviour

5. The cycle of abuse, affects of  domestic abuse and who can provide help and support

One to one support together with group sessions are age appropriate and tailored to the young person’s needs.

The Children & Young People’s Recovery Toolkit, developed by Sue Penna Associates, is an 8 session programme with the overall aim to help children and young people come to terms with their experiences and to develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies.

For further information or to refer to the programme please contact:

David Medlicott 01685 353999


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