Volunteer Mentor Programme

Funded by the South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner (Victims Fund), Volunteer Mentors support victims of domestic abuse in reducing isolation, increasing safety, health and wellbeing through 1-2-1, group and peer mentoring, inspiring victims, raising self confidence and strengthening victim voices.

Many victims and survivors tell us that having no friends and support networks around them can make it very difficult to make the massive step and leave an abusive relationship completely and start a new life with all of the responsibilities and fears that they then have to face alone. This situation can perpetuate domestic abuse as victims do not have the strength, confidence or ability to break free, which also perpetuates trauma for children and families.

Having an independent, non-judgemental, trained person that individuals can meet with provides an additional aspect of support to encourage and help maintain the long term motivation of survivors. Survivors are more resilient to future harm, have increased mental health and wellbeing, be better able to parent their children confidently, have aspirations for the future, have a stronger voice with decision makers and have the opportunity to learn new skills and opportunity to train as peer mentors.

For agency and self referrals to the mentoring programme or if you would like further information on becoming a volunteer mentor, please contact the Volunteer Mentor Officer, Helen McShea on (01685) 353999 or email hm@smt.org.uk