Moving Ahead Project (MAP)

Moving Ahead Project (MAP) is a targeted Intervention Scheme for young people who have offended, are displaying signs of anti social behaviour, or are at risk of offending. The project works with children and young people 8 – 18 yrs, offering support through 1:1 work, group work, activities and workshops.

You will meet your support worker on a weekly basis for approximately 1-2 hours. This will be at a time that is convenient for both of you.  Where you go and what you do will be determined by your Intervention Support Plan that you have helped us put in place.

How you can work with us?

  • To meet your support worker on a regular basis as arranged.
  • Work with your support worker to complete your Intervention Support Plan and engage fully with the programme.
  • Try out new activities.
  • Have fun!

The Process

You will have been referred to the  Project for a number of reasons, the main being;

  • You may have received as Anti Social Behaviour warning letter.
  • Committed an Offence
  • Display signs of Offending behaviour
  • Raised concerns from your family or outside agencies around offending behaviour.

Once the referral has been received, a member of our team will carry out a home visit within 7 days. The home visit will allow us to meet you and your family and gather relevant information. If you accept support then you will be allocated a support worker. The support worker will meet you weekly and will undertake a full assessment with you and your family within 30 days. This will enable you and your support worker to put together a ‘targeted intervention support plan’ appropriate to your needs.

You can talk to your support worker about anything you feel comfortable talking about and most of the time your conversations will stay between you and the worker. However, if you tell your support worker about something that is happening or has happened that could hurt you or somebody else your worker has to pass this information on to the right person.

Please contact MAP Co-ordinator, Sarah Roper for more information, email ote telephone 01685 353999




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